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Aug 2, 2013 11:30pm PDT
a lot to cheer about. the team played arizona in the first game. sean lee was the starting pitcher for the all stars. he is tough to hit even if you have never batted against him. >> he has a fastball, change-up, curveball, pretty much everything. >> larry will tell you how the boys did but you can get an idea from the crowd here. >>> comedian ellen degeneres will host next years oscars. she tweeted the announcement. degeneres was widely praised after she hosted the academy awards in 2007. abc 7 is the only place to see the 2014 academy awards on sunday, march 2. that is kind of funny to get an award for hosting an award. >> she did do a great job. >>> let's get a check of the forecast. the weekend is upon us. >> tracking it all. >> the weekend look s fantastic if you like today's weather just duplicate it for tomorrow. sunday changes. doppler showing low clouds near the coast and locally near the bay. we don't have a strong breeze. the marine layer is not that deep tonight. here is a view from our high definition camera. you can see gray skies. san francisco 56 right now. 57 in oa
Aug 4, 2013 7:00pm PDT
strikeouts, allowed one hit. sean lee helped to end the game. belmont checks outs their opponent for the second straight game. advancing with the victory. >> the cal campus will be welcoming another superstar, missy franklin will be on the berkeley campus the fall. today she asset new standard. in the 400 medley relay, missy ran the first segment and, gave her team the lead and they never looked back. gives missy her six until gold, the first woman to win six gold medals at the world. not a bad summer before she starts her career at cal this fall. >> final two rounds at the women's british open in st. andrews, the birthplace of golf. park, 6-over on the day. choy had a lead with six to play but stacy lewis prevails. her approach on 17. makes that for birdie. finishes the round with this gorgeous birdie putt on 18. her second career major. >> final round of the bridge stone. the only thing stopping tiger is that squirrel. tiger held on to win despite just one birdie here on 10. led by seven. shoots an even par 70. 15-under on the tournament. won by seven strokes. he looks forward
Aug 7, 2013 11:30pm PDT
being shot while they sleep in their bed. >> sean wentz says he is dedicating every resource available to catch those responsible for shooting up this home with the father and one-year-old son. >> he ales had his baby with him. >> she says her 20-year-old nephew andrew thomas and his son drew were sleeping in the home with several other young family members in this room. it was around a 2:30 when the shots rang out. >> pop, pop, pop, pop. like eight or nine times. >> andrew died instantly. the baby died at the hospital. the father and son arrived here last week to attend his sister's birthday party. >> and then that morning our other cousin just got shot and so we thought they were going to stay out here until after his funeral is over. so it might -- it could be a connection or something. >> tonight police say they arrested kendal eatman for the murder of a relative. andrew's family members did not recognize eatman. >> it was weeks ago we had another child killed in a home. and this has got to stop. >> eight-year-old carridean was shot while sleeping at a friend's house in the diamond
Aug 10, 2013 9:00pm PDT
at the plate. he will sneak by the catcher. allows two hits. sean grounds it back to the pitcher. chula vista moving on. great run for our local heroes. they will be proud of our season once it wears off. >>> since the all-star break, a's seemed to have lost their mojo. pitching has been a slump despite five home runs. oakland has lost seven of the last night contests. sonny gray took three batters to get a home run. here a two run shot by jose. a's tied in the second, josh reddick, loves the canada air, fourth homer. two-run shot and war tied at 2. 4-3 jays. jose reyes, see ya! here is one of two r.b.i.s. guess who? reddick again. 5-4 jays and now two on for cespedes. catches him swinging. toronto wins. >> giants hosting the orioles. all three giants were on in the sixth. hunter pence with a bases loaded. 3-1 g-men. leads all of baseball, courtesy of a solo shot off the center. 466 feet. giants will hang on to win it 3-2 the final. >> this is the final season for the 49ers at candlestick. today they held their final fanfare. chance for fans to get up close and get autographs and watch them p
Aug 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
there are just inside of the restaurant. >> had there were multiple spots shoths fired hitting three people. sean says his frintd's girlfriend works here. >> it's wild. not just a regular nightclub. you know girls dance crazy and wild in here. >> montarvo told us you have to buy a bottle and make reservation autos there are two security guards that are armed and wearing bulletproof vests. >> why do you think that? >> because they know what kind of crowd it brings he. >> he told us the club has karaoke, food, liquor and private rooms. police believe it was not gang related. the third victim is there. police say wounds are not life threatening. >> we've learned two tragic incidents neeft bay were in fact related one was a motorcycle crash just minutes litter police shot a man on the orinda side of the tunnel. we're live with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. laura? >> well, chp spokesman told me the accident that occurred on no accident ask appeared to be deliberate. the family of rich fletcher wants to focus on the positive. his survival and recovery and want to thank those who stopped to h
Aug 8, 2013 9:00pm PDT
-0 niners. only touchdown comes on a fumble. he got crushed and gives it to sean phillips. hereby is one catch and then he fumbles. a.j. has to find an "a" game in hurry. anderson, hit hard. 15 carries, sitting up a bronco field goal. he tried to hold up on the throw and niners lose 10-6 and here is harbaugh. >> four times offensively. we got work to do. that we did and hard to win a game when you are doing that. >> more niner news, eric wright is a quarterback again. they acquired acquired him last month. he failed a physical and bucks got him and niners signed him to a one-year deal. he had a personal situation going on that the deem would not discuss, placed on the non-football injury list. >>> tiger woods won his fifth tournament of the year last week but it's been five years since his last victory in a major and shaky finish cost him in round one. final major of the year in rochester, new york. solid round but a brutal finish from the rough, bunker on nine. double bogey. he shoots one over. jim furyk, five under 65. great touch for the bird. march kin, the approach, look at the back
Aug 29, 2013 9:00pm PDT
are not going to make the tuesday morning opening. we have sean nothing yet that indicates we would not make tuesday morning at 5:00 o'clock. >> the only back up this evening at the bay bridge toll plaza the asphalt truck ready to make their delivery. they have about 25 to 30 minute commute from please anton chp says which is pretty good clip keeping construction rate on schedule. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza abc 7 news. >> take a look at this time lapse video from our camera on yurba buena island crew hard at work converting path to new eastern span. bridge scheduled to open to traffic again by 5:00 a.m. tuesday as heather mention the day after labor day. now 101 to the san m te'o bridge really resembled a parking lot this morning. morning news traffic reporter says we can expect more of the same tomorrow as for other trouble spots. 238 to 8 80 to get tout bridge that was particularly busy today. folk also heading in the northbound direction to get to the richmond san rafael bridge and then coming down through marin to get to san francisco. so we did see those particular areas pre
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7